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CompTIA Exam Vouchers

CompTIA exam voucher is a simple and convenient way to save money on certification exam fees. Exam vouchers are unique alphanumeric codes that act as a 100% payment for the exam and can be used instead of payment to the authorized certification test provider.

The main idea behind exam vouchers is to simplify payment transactions and provide the benefit of a discounted exam price for CompTIA corporate members and their employees.

CompTIA corporate member companies are entitled to buy exam vouchers at a discount. Corporate membership at CompTIA is restricted to businesses and organizations, involves an application process and an annual member fee.

For individual test takers who are interested only in obtaining discounts on their CompTIA certification exams and who are not employees of such companies, the best option is to find a corporate member of CompTIA offering CompTIA exam vouchers for sale to the public.

How It Works

Once the payment transaction for the voucher is complete, the unique exam voucher code is sent to the payee via email. At this point the voucher is not assigned to any specific person, so it can be transferred to any other person. The voucher number becomes tied to a specific candidate after logging in to an online account at the testing provider website (Pearson VUE) and typing in the exam voucher code while scheduling the exam. Once this is done, the voucher cannot be transferred to another person.

Starting from July 9, 2012, CompTIA certification testing is available only through Pearson VUE and its testing centers. Exam payments are made through the online account administration panel at the Pearson VUE website with the use of a credit / debit card, or with the exam voucher code.

CompTIA exam vouchers are available for over 150 countries worldwide. Voucher prices vary by country and a voucher purchased for one country may not be valid in another (for exam vouchers bought through third-party sites this information should be included on the product pages).

Voucher codes are tied to specific CompTIA exams and also to a specific release of a given exam, so it is not possible to use an A+ voucher code for Network+ exam or use a voucher for some earlier release of a given exam to pay for the newer release of the same exam.

CompTIA exam vouchers have an expiry date. The date by which the CompTIA exam voucher must be used is final and cannot be extended. Some of the exam vouchers bought from third-party providers might have a shorter expiration date and these vouchers are usually offered at a larger discount.

Exam vouchers might also automatically become invalid when a specific exam release they had been bought for retires before the voucher expiration date (voucher bought for an earlier release of a given exam cannot be extended and used as payment for the newer version of the same exam).

Since the exam voucher code is merely a string of alphanumeric characters similar to a password, it is also important to keep it safe and confidential (CompTIA exam vouchers are one time use only).