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CompTIA A+ Exam 220-1102 - Windows OS Troubleshooting Quiz

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The Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) (a.k.a. stop error screen) in MS Windows indicates a fatal error that the system cannot fix on the fly to continue operate safely. BSOD provides technical information that might be of help for advanced users in solving the cause of the stop error. In older versions of Microsoft OSs, information displayed on the screen when Windows encountered this type of error typically included error code, memory address where it occurred, and the name of the driver that caused it. Starting from Windows 8, the error screen contains a stop code accompanied by a URL and QR code pointing to relevant troubleshooting resources on the Internet. BSOD requires a system reboot, which happens either automatically, or can be performed manually with the Ctrl + Alt + Delete key combination, or by pressing the computer's power button.
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